Turkey Spatchcock Style!

Well, when the proverbial Turkey Day is upon us, the not so proverbial Green Egg turkey cook also approaches. Spatchcock this time. A method unknown to many, but adored by those who do. I agree, the name is a tad odd, even uncomfortable for some. But for either a turkey or chicken, this is a great way to cook it on the Egg. Many who have cooked both methods will tell you that Spatchcock beats out beer can chicken, which is tall words given the remarkable results obtained by stuffing a chicken onto a beer can filled with ones favorite liquid flavoring.


Here we go.


We start with a fresh turkey from Central Market. I did not brine it, not even a dry brine which would have been an option. I have cut out the backbone which is on the right. I then broke the breastbone so that the bird lays butterflied.

I am not entirely sure, but I think I have seen this in an Alien movie.

Here she is, ready to go. For the rub, I used a combination of 25% all purpose BBQ rub and 75% herbs de Provence. All over the skin and under the skin where I could pull it up.

On the egg half way through the cook. Wings are starting to brown. I started with dome temp at 350, meaning grill temp was probably around 360 370. I plan to start a little warmer to try and seal in juices. I planned for the temp to decline over the course of the cook. The probe is planted into the thickest part of the breast I could find. Planning on pulling it out when it reaches 165 170.

After 90 minutes, the dome temp had declined to about 310 as planned. The egg had settled into a beautiful slow roast. The breast temp was 165. The dark meat tested at about 185. Perfect. The skin was golden, and you could smell the herbs de Provence roasted on the bird.


Sorry, there are no pics of the finished product being carved. Time was of the essence while carving and my hands were a mess. Beautiful flavor, tender. Its the only way to go, in my opinion.